“Willy Wonka” is All-School Play

March 25, 2010 —

Willy Wonka is coming to the Hudson stage as this year’s all-school play! Join this talented cast and crew as we tell the classic Roald Dahl story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as it has been adapted for the stage. The play will be presented March 25-28 in the middle school gym with start times Thursday through Saturday at 7:00 and a Sunday matinee performance at 3:00. Tickets are $5 and are available at the door.

Our story begins as Willy Wonka, played by junior veteran Andrew Bocks, contemplates his retirement and plans a contest to determine the heir to his candy empire. Acting as narrator, Wonka introduces the audience to the impoverished Bucket family (Grandpa Joe-Nathan Riley, Grandma Josephine-Wendy Cox, Grandpa George-Josh Merillat, Grandma Georgina-Rachel Katke, Mr. Bucket-Jake Joslyn, Mrs. BuckettHannah Schoonover, and young Charlie Bucket played by Nate Nastase). Charlie is sent to find a newspaper for the family to read when he meets local children waiting for the candy men (Cody Cleveland, Chelsea Fritz, and Autumn LaTour) who appear singing the well-known tune while many of the cast appear as dancing candy. Upon returning the paper to the family, we learn of Wonk a’s plan to hide five golden tickets among his millions of candy bars to determine five lucky children who will tour his factory.

Augustus Gloop, a gluttonous child from Germany played by Jake Enerson, finds the first golden ticket. Phineous Trout (Devan Marry) interviews him and his mother (Kaitlyn Murray). Meanwhile, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Phyllis Trout (Brittney Adams) interviews the second golden ticket winner- V eruca Salt, a very spoiled little girl played by senior veteran Maria Miller and her father nuts salesman, Mr. Salt played by Jake Lancaster. Wonka mania continues, with no candy for Charlie as the Bucket family receives the bad news that the toothpaste factory where Mr. Bucket works is closing. The third ticket is found in Georgia by an abrasive child, Violet Beauregarde (Elizabeth Johnston) and her mother (senior Liz Austin) and the fourth ticket is found in Television City by Mike Teavee (Eric Clark) whose mother (senior Katie Gibson) seems fine with the fact that her son wants to do nothing but watch TV, play games, and talk on the phone. It doesn’t look good for Charlie until at the very last minute, on the very last day, he finds the very last ticket and wins a tour of the factory.

The second act finds W onka taking the ticket winners and their guests on a tour throughout the factory. One by one each child is tempted beyond their means to indulge in the candy delicacies all around them-sealing their fate. At last, Charlie is the only hope Wonka has to continue his candy empire, but is Charlie up to the task? Come and sing along as the Oompa-Loompas help curtail and then rescue each of the “bad children” and then celebrate Charlie’s victory.

Our cast and crew have worked tirelessly, and we hope you enjoy our efforts.