Hudson having a mild winter — at least so far

January 23, 2015 —

This winter has been easier than expected, at least so far, and Hudson City Manager Steve Hartsel is glad of it.

It’s always a little difficult to plan and budget for winter, but the city has done well with it in recent years. Last winter, the city managed to say within their snow removal budget, and had plenty of salt available for snow removal. Many area municipalities couldn’t say the same thing.

With the easier winter this year, Hartsel said, “I expectsno problems staying within the budget even if we suddenly shift into a very severe winter.”
Hartsel had great words for the efficiency of the DPW snow removal crews. “DPW Superintendent Phil Goodlock, and his crew, consisting of Ed Bellfy, Brad Wilson, Tim Jewell and Jeff Vanderlooven , all do a great job, not just during the winter but through all four seasons.”

Hudson’s new snow emergency ordinance goes into effect this week. The ordinance will allow the city to enforce having people remove vehicles from the city streets and parking lots while snow is being removed. “We are giving vehicle owners twelve hours notice to get them off the street once the emergency is declared,” he said.

The city manager also noted that the city police department now has a four-wheel drive SUV, which will allow it to access most areas in the city and surrounding area in the event of a snow emergency. “This should enhance responsiveness to people in need.”
The Hudson City Council meeting for January 20 has been cancelled.