Bean Creek Festival to be transformed

January 30, 2015 —

At their recent meeting, the Hudson Chamber of Commerce decided to reform and rename the Bean Creek Festival to “Celebrate Hudson Days.”

The festival, which was started after the demise of the Hudson Grange Fair, has had its ups and downs. In recent years, it has suffered from a lack of volunteers to keep things going, and finally had to be cancelled last fall for a variety of reasons. Members of the Chamber thought that the cancellation made a good opportunity to back off, rethink and reorganize the festival.

The renaming to “Celebrate Hudson Days” reflects a desire to pursue new objectives, not just do the same old thing.

It was decided that Celebrate Hudson Days will be held in conjunction with the Hudson City-Wide Garage Sale, which is scheduled for August 6-9. A number of other possible dates were discussed from June through September, but there are conflicts that made many dates difficult. It seemed better to cooperate with the existing event rather than trying to compete with it.

Holding the festival in conjunction with the yard sale will allow it to be part of the one activity that draws people to Hudson more than any other event of the year. The yard sale weekend, which is held in conjunction with the US-127 Yard Sale, billed as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale,” also features the Will Carleton Cup waterball contest, and the Festival of Performing Arts and the W. G. Thompson House Museum.

It’s still a little uncertain what Celebrate Hudson Days will add to the weekend, but it looks likely that there will be bands, possibly each night, and most likely in the parking lot behind City Hall, thanks to the recent removal of the old Tiger’s Den building. A special craft sale and a parade are strong possibilities.

However, it seems unlikely there will be rides, as there have been in Bean Creek Festivals in the past. That may not be the case in future years.
It’s hoped that this will be the revival of a great Hudson event.