Snow parking ban coming

December 18, 2014 —

At their meeting Tuesday evening, the Hudson City Council passed on first reading an ordinance that will put strict limits on on-street parking in Hudson during snow or icy conditions.

The ordinance will have to be finalized at the January 6 meeting of the council, and would take effect about two weeks afterwards.

If passed, vehicle owners and operators would have twelve hours to remove their vehicles from the streets after a snow emergency is declared by the city manager or the street emergency coordinator. Failure to move a vehicle could result in a $250 fine and having the vehicle towed.

The intention of the ordinance is to facilitate snow removal in difficult conditions.

In other business, the council accepted the 2015-21 Capital Improvement Plan from the Planning Commission. Though the actual projects will have to independently approved, the report envisions street or parking lot repair projects each year.

The next such project planned would be the finishing of the Pleasant Street rebuilding project. Other projects expected for next year include work on the trail from downtown to Memorial Park, bridge maintenance, repairs to the fire station and an emergency generator for the South Church Street lift station.

The projects would be funded by the city with help from grants.