Music in the Park plans coming together

January 1, 2015 —

Only one show has been firmly pinned down for the popular “Music in the Park” series for next summer, but it’s the group that was probably the most popular and well-received from last year.

Event coordinator Dave Sheely said this week that “Harpeth Rising,” the dynamic three-girl group that wowed the crowd last summer at Music in the Park at Webster Park, will be again be playing in Hudson on Thursday, July 9.

“They’re an unusual group, very talented, and the one we heard most talked about,” he said. “All three of the girls have Masters in Music from Indians University, and they’re all a lot of fun to talk to and to hear them perform.”

The rest of the summer Thursday night programs are still coming together, although Sheely expects to have the schedule pinned down in the next month. Among others, he’s been talking to blues performers Sherry Kane and Dave Steele, and folk artist Kevin Meisel. “We’re looking at doing six concerts this summer,” he said

The event, as always, will be free to the community. The Music in the Park event gets along on donations from those attending, and from sponsorship from within the community.

“In general, donations at the concert generally cover about half the cost of the concert.,” Sheely said. “A lot of the artists we’re getting in, if you actually go to one of their concerts it’s $20 on up per person. Because we’re getting them on Thursday night and getting them when they’re fairly close in the area we can usually negotiate something out so it’s worth it for both of us.”

Sheely said that he’s looking for sponsors for the shows. He has one pinned down there, and several offers of partial sponsorhips. “We want to keep it going as a free concert with donations going to support it. We had good response for our program of getting businesses to help back the series.”
He went on to explain that he’d like to use the concerts to promote the businesses in Hudson. We really haven’t gotten the businesses to merchandise at the concerts. “Businesses should get advertising benefit out of their sponsorship.”

In addition, donations are appreciated to help the series. Donations are tax deductible if made to the Hudson Foundation.

Anyone interested in helping to sponsor the series or making a donation should contact Sheely at the Pro Shop, 448-8490.

It’s still a long time until summer, but when it gets here, it’ll be time to dust off the lawn chairs and enjoy some good evening of music down at Webster Park.