High points for Hudson in 2014

January 8, 2015 —

2014 was a productive year for the City of Hudson and the area, Hudson City Manager Steve Hartsell commented as the new year started last week.
Among the points of progress Hartsell noted were these items:

• After 25 years, the City of Hudson Industrial Park was completed. The Park was also re-credentialed as a Michigan Certified Business Park.

• Wisconsin’s largest dairy, MilkSource, LLC, chose this area to open its first Michigan dairy operation, The Hudson Dairy, near US-127 and Squawfield Road. MilkSource received the 2014 Innovative Dairy Farm of Year Award from the International Dairy Foods Association.

• The Southern Michigan Center for Science and Industry opened in the former M&S Plant 1 near M-34 and Munson Highway near the Industrial Park. This facility is designed to educate and train students and adults in pre-engineering and advanced manufacturing to meet the needs of the American Manufacturing Renaissance currently underway. The Governor visited the Center in October- the first time Michigan’s Governor has visited the City in over 20 years.

• The City completed the largest Façade Improvement project yet in the Historic Downtown, with nearly a half-million dollars of federal and private investment to four properties, including the two largest buildings downtown. The City also undertook the single largest Rental Rehabilitation Project in Michigan this year, with over a half-million additional dollars in grant money earmarked to create a dozen downtown upstairs apartments.

• The Hudson Carnegie District Library became independent following the passage of a funding millage in August.

• The Engle Trail was substantially completed, with the exception of final paving scheduled for the spring. This segment of the Hudson Trail System completes the 5 kilometer loop around the eastern half of the City.

• The City also installed a free comprehensive Wi-Fi system throughout Downtown. This public/private, advertiser-driven business model is the first Wi-Fi initiative of its type in the United States.