School head count up

September 25, 2014 —

The final numbers aren’t in yet, but at this point it appears that the number of students in Hudson Area Schools will increase by about thirty — twenty more than the school was projecting in their budget work a few months ago.

The student count is important because each student represents over $7,000 in state aid to the school.

The formula for determining student count is complicated, and involves both full time and part time students. About 960 students are actually enrolled in the district, but some of them only count as part time students, especially those attending the Center for Science and Industry.

School superintendent Dr. Michael Osborne said that while the development of CSI has had some effect on student count, the main increase has come in the younger students, Kindergarten through seventh grade.

While figures are preliminary and won’t be completed for a while, at the moment it looks like the student count will come out about 913, Dr. Osborne said.

The increase in student count has been notable, since it sagged in several recent years, at least partly due to economic effects.

“I’m very optimistic about this,” Osborne said. “I think there’s a clear association with some of the positive things that have been going on in the district.”

Osborne specifically pointed out that Hudson has been named a state Reward School for the third year in a row as a result of educational improvement. The only other school in Lenawee and Hillsdale County that has managed this is the Adrian school district. Hudson’s Lincoln School is also the highest ranked school in both the counties, based on the same ranking.